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December 14, 2008

HEC and Medical Colleges

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Unattractive’ HEC rules forcing KMC teachers to leave

* Teachers say colleagues serving at PMDC-affiliated institutions getting higher financial benefits, stand healthy chances of promotion

By Fawad Ali Shah

PESHAWAR: Students at Khyber Medical College (KMC) on Tuesday staged a protest rally outside the institution against the implementation of the Higher Education Commission (HEC) rules in the Khyber Medical University (KMU).

The students said that due to the implementation of HEC rules, teachers of the constituent college of the KMU were leaving the institution.

According to the protesters, the HEC criteria is tougher and offers less financial benefits and promotional opportunities as compared to that of the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC). They demanded that medical institutions be dealt with under the rules and regulations of the PMDC.

They said that under the HEC rules, a PhD degree was necessary for promotion to the status of associate professor and full-fledged professor, whereas the PMDC did not regard the same as compulsory for promotions.

The students resented that their best teachers were leaving for private colleges due to implementation of the HEC rules.

PMDC-affiliated institutions: Meanwhile, teachers of the KMC claimed that their colleagues serving at the PMDC-affiliated institutions are getting higher financial benefits and stand healthy chances of getting promotions.

“Getting a PhD degree in medical sciences is not that easy,” a professor of KMC told Daily Times on condition of anonymity.

“Those teachers who are teaching basic medical sciences (BMS) should get extra allowances from the government because they do not run clinics,” he said, adding, “ Our colleagues at the Kohat Medical University are getting three times higher salaries than their counterparts at the KMU-constituent colleges.”

According to the rules of the HEC, all the colleges getting recognition from the PMDC will be considered as constituents of the KMU, whereas those without recognition will work under the NWFP government and will be run under the PMDC rules.

Last year, the provincial government announced special allowance for those teaching basic medical sciences. The faculties of those institutions which are run by the provincial government (Khyber Girls Medical College and Bannu Medical College) are getting the extra allowance but the KMU is hesitant to give the same to the faculty members of its constituent colleges, the medical experts claim. In addition, private colleges are offering higher salaries to the BMS teachers.

The present position of the faculty of various departments of the KMC is given below:

There were eight faculty members of the Anatomy department, among whom five have left for other institutions, while two of the remaining three teachers have also applied for jobs in other institutions. The Bio Chemistry Department has also suffered heavily as five out of its eight faculty members have joined other medical institutions. It is the same the Community Medicine Department, where three out of its six faculty members have left the department.

Two out of six Biomedical experts are teaching at the Department of Forensic Medicine as the other four have joined other colleges. Six senior professors of Pharmacology Department have left the institution. The department of Pathology remains unaffected, as none of its faculty members has left the department. The KMU administration offered no comments on the issue.


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