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December 18, 2008

Oil line burst at Korangi, karachi

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Bring out the buckets

By Fawad Ali Shah


On one hand, people had to evacuate their homes that were flooded with oil. While on the other hand potholes, ditches and empty plots in Korangi Sector 48-D that were filled with oil became fruitful wells of black gold for nearby area residents whose houses were not damaged by oil and who did not have to evacuate the site. People who did not evacuate the area began to collect the oil in buckets, bottles and even vehicles. Men, young and old were grabbing anything that could carry and store liquid and were hastily trying to collect as much oil as they possible could from the ten inch deep black wells.


Oiled barbeque?

Aftermath of the oily raining

Aftermath of the oily raining

The Bar-B-Cue effected by oil

The Bar-B-Cue effected by oil

A bbq restaurant located 10 meters away from the oil pipeline that burst, was badly affected by the incident. The restaurant was brimming with customers when the pipe burst. The restaurant mangers were busy preparing bbq when oil suddenly started to rain on them. Due to the pipeline bursting with such force, oil sprayed nearly 2 km away. If the raining oil had met the restaurant’s hot grills, stoves and burning coal, a large and untamable fire would have erupted, multiplying the problems and claiming dozens of lives.


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