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March 8, 2009

Merit, Politics and Pakistan

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While the nation was still grappling with the controversy of unfairly granted marks to the chief justice of Pakistan’s daughter, another case of a special daughter has hit the headlines and this time Pakistan Peoples Party stalwart Makhdoom Amin Fahim’s daughter has been directly appointed as first secretary in the Pakistan Embassy Ireland.

The story appeared in The News on December 22,  tells about the gross violations of rules and merit.

“Maliha Makhdoom, daughter of the PPP diehard loyalist and Commerce Minister Makhdoom Amin Fahim (MAF), has been appointed as first secretary to Ireland. She has been hired as a Foreign Service official without fulfilling the prerequisites of appearing in the CSS examination and going through 18-month training in two different academies.

Her appointment has been facilitated at the behest of the Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani. While following PM’s verbal orders, Foreign Secretary’s office moved the summary for appointment of Amin Fahim’s daughter.

The story further unveils the cancerous tradition of nepotism and rampant corruption of those who call the shots in the present political setup,

“According to the summary approved by the PM on 28th November, she would draw a salary of $3000 a month. Along with the perks and privileges of a diplomat, she will have a residence with $2500 monthly rent. The summary also says that Maliha Makhdoom, born on 11th February 1980 is appointed as 18-grade officer. Other than her Masters degree, there is no mention of her prior work experience in public service or of her any other relevant training. Maliha Makhdoom did her masters in English Literature from Brunel University, London in 2007.”

What about the cobweb of rules and regulations, that only seemed to be enacted to keep the have-nots at bay in God gifted republic of the pure:

“After passing the tough CSS examination, the successful candidates are required to take a collective training of 9 months at CSS academy Lahore, followed by another separate training of 9 months at Foreign Services Academy, Islamabad. After eighteen months of rigorous training, final passing out examination under FPSC certifies the candidate for Foreign Office service.

After going through all these procedural requirements, a successful foreign service personnel works on his first assignment as assistant director. After serving for 2 years at the headquarters, the official is then posted abroad as 3rd Secretary for three years.
After a series of postings back to headquarters and abroad, the official reaches the rank of First Secretary. Hence it requires at least ten years of Foreign Service experience to be elevated to such a high position. At some Pakistani missions abroad, First Secretary is the second highest post while at others it’s the third highest.”

Every second day media reports shameful conduct of members of parliament, judiciary, bureaucracy and other influential, but the well of our national conscience has dried up as no one feel ashamed of his wrong deeds. In every matter our so-called intelligentsia tries to compete with India, whether it is military hardware or nuclear deal with America, but why our rulers not follow the examples set by the Indian leadership by resigning from their offices, acknowledging their responsibility following Mumbai terrorist attacks.

What disturbing and disgusting fact this story reveals is that the where the millions of poor unemployed youths of this country would head, who prepare for CSS for years, if such appointments continued to be made on such high profile posts. What kind of massage our uncouth political leaders want to convey to career diplomats in Foreign Office, who have to wait for ten years for such appointment abroad.

The NRO anointed kitchen cabinet of President Zardari thinks that the newspaper reports could not open a Pandora Box, and let the media made a hue and cry for some time and then a new scandal would hit the headlines and they will forget the previous one.
Poet Akabar Allahabadi once lamented same situation in his famous couplet,

“Barbaad Gulistan karne ko, ek hi ullu kafi hai,

Har shaakh pe ullu baitha hai, anjame gulistan kya hoga”

“One owl could destroy a garden,

But what will be the fate of the garden with an owl perched on every branch”?



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